At The Catch Group, we partner with leaders and companies to build values-based cultures without sacrificing results.





“Your culture will be built whether you are intentional or not. Build the culture you want.”  

Laura Eigel, PhD

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Hear from top leaders who are leading with their values. Leadership can be a lonely place, but you belong here with your values leading the way.
SHear from top leaders who are leading with their values.

Coaching programs

Are you ready to have a career of fulfillment and meaning? Let’s work together to clarify your values and take action through 1-on-1 or group coaching.
Are you ready to have a career of fulfillment and meaning? Let’s work together.


Build your leadership capability by leading with your values. Become a Values First Leader through our workshop and certification.



Our Story

About The Catch Group

The Catch Group was founded on the principle of living a life guided by your values. For founder Laura Eigel, values include family, growth, development, achievement, advocacy and balance. We believe that leaders should bring their authentic leadership to the workplace to build inclusive teams, and that leaders should be able to have big career goals AND career fulfillment. We believe that leadership at companies should be diverse. Women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ leaders need to hold more top jobs at companies. 

Created by Laura Eigel, Ph.D., The Catch Group specializes in individual and group coaching solutions to advance diverse talent within organizations. Our Values First coaching framework focuses on leading with values to create inclusive cultures through authentic leadership. Laura’s career spans more than 15 years in consulting, associations, and Fortune 50 companies, coaching leaders in roles ranging from individual contributors through c-suite executives. 


What people are saying

“Laura has a strategist’s mind and a coach’s heart.” 

Jess K.

“What sets Laura apart is her genuine care for others. She truly invests in people.” 

Taryn S.

My work with Laura has enabled me to hone in on my values during various seasons and milestones in my life to help me focus my energy and intentions. Through our work I’ve also been able to recognize my accomplishments instead of thinking I’m not accomplishing enough and, more importantly, put an end to some of my self-limiting beliefs.” 

Jessica G.

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