Values First

How Knowing Your Core Beliefs Can Get You the Life and Career You Want

Between the constant pressures of job performance and demands on your time, it’s easy to lose sight of your values, letting them shift out of alignment. Those simple misalignments are keeping you from feeling joyful and fulfilled.

The Values First framework, developed by Laura Eigel, PhD, can help you change that picture by recentering your life around what truly matters to you.

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About Values First

Learn through the personal stories and experiences of the many leaders Laura has worked with to use your values to guide your decisions. Discover a step-by-step process to identify your values, audit your time, and set the boundaries you need to live your values for the long haul.

With proven reflections and exercises to help you zero in on your own core values and discover what authentic leadership means for you, Values First will help you shift out of the struggle and into the flow of the joyful career and life you are meant to live.

“Laura Eigel has designed the life and career she loves, a beautiful example of a meaninful life aligned with your values.”

- AYSE BIRSEL, Author of Design the Life You Love

“Laura Eigel has spent her entire career helping others to live at the intersection of purpose and passion. Values First is yet another example of the way Laura uses her incredible gifts for sparking action in others.”

- MARK S. BENTON, Vice President, Talent Management & Development, McKesson Corporation

About the author: Laura Eigel, PhD

Laura is the founder of The Catch Group, a leadership coaching firm accelerating women into the C-Suite, and the host of the You Belong in the C-Suite podcast. Known for her direct feedback and her passion for living a life guided by her values, she has been an HR executive at Fortune 50 companies, joined the C-Suite as a Chief Learning Officer, and now coaches high-achieving women to build fulfilling lives inside and outside of the boardroom. 

She’s also a mom, wife, and true-crime podcast fan who loves indoor rowing.

It’s approachable, smart, and so insightful. This is a fantastic guide on how to approach tough decisions in life or work – with your values first.

- MADDY KULKARNI, author of Social Impact Marketing: The Essential Guide for Changemakers

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The Values First Framework

From The Catch Group

Values First: Dig into what matters most to you and set the foundation of your core values. You’ll also get clarity on what living those values looks like uniquely to you.
Audit Time: Review your time to see where your values do and don’t show up in your current life and learn how to use your values to make difficult decisions at home and at work.
Life Boundaries: Set your Values First priorities to create the boundaries you need to truly live the life that you want and create a system for keeping those boundaries in place.
Uplifting Others: Find the support you need from peers and mentors to keep your boundaries intact and learn strategies to model your values with your team by building a Values First culture as a leader.
Experiencing Conflict: Create a plan now so when conflict arises with yourself or your team, you can easily know what to avoid and how to move forward in alignment with your values.
Sustaining Values: Build an aciton plan to live your values and boundaries for the long haul

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