About Us

The Catch Group was founded on the principle of living a life guided by your values. We help leaders bring their authentic leadership to the workplace to build inclusive teams. We believe that top leadership at companies should be diverse. Women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ leaders need to hold more top jobs at companies. 

Created by Laura Eigel, Ph.D., The Catch Group specializes in individual and group coaching solutions to advance diverse talent within organizations. Our Values First coaching framework focuses on leading with values to create inclusive cultures through authentic leadership.

At The Catch Group, we value









“Rowing is the same motion over and over. The repetitive nature of it is mind numbing to some. For others, it is peace. Every time I get to the catch, I get a chance to start over, to burst, to push. That’s a magical place, the catch. It is where your power comes from. It is the position you are in just before you drive back into the stroke. Just before an explosion of energy to push you. Then a small pause, rest, before you do it all again. Getting to the catch is giving you another chance to try again, to explode off the platform, with the force of your whole body, your whole self.”  

Laura Eigel, Founder, The Catch Group


Hey there – I’m Laura: mom, wife, Ph.D., coach, and advocate.

Most days you can find me on a Zoom call coaching leaders or listening to one of many favorite podcasts. I am mostly known for my honest feedback and collaborative style, and people often refer to me as a connector of people and ideas. I love serving the world by helping others reach their goals. I’m most passionate about living a life that’s in line with my values of family, growth, development, achievement, advocacy and balance. I coach leaders who want to advance their careers, gain fulfilment and lead as their authentic selves. I’m the guide through the journey, but you get to be the navigator (and carry your own luggage, too). Throughout my career as both an external and internal consultant, I’ve had the pleasure to partner with some crazy smart people in charge of very strategic things – in the public sector, associations, and within Fortune 50 companies. I have my Ph.D. in applied psychology and am a continuous learner. When I’m not helping others achieve their goals, you can catch me on my WaterRower (indoor rowing!) or hanging out with my family in our home in Dallas, Texas.

I’m an adjunct faculty member at Southern Methodist University. I serve as a faculty member of 50/50 Women on Boards, the leading global education and advocacy campaign driving the movement towards gender balance and diversity on corporate boards. I serve on the advisory board of Valence BONDS, the premiere members-only professional development program for emerging Black leaders.  

Five things you might not know about me:

I love true crime podcasts. I want to uncover the details, motivations, and get to the why.

I’m an introvert. I need time to process, and don’t have all the answers on the spot. I ask questions to get clarity, then the connections start flowing.

You’ll never catch me playing poker because I wear my heart and feelings on my sleeve (and on my face, or so I’ve been told). When I’m deep in thought, I may look disagreeable, but I’m processing information.


I’m a data geek at heart. I’m trained in research and want multiple data points (qualitative and quantitative!) to tell the bigger story. 

My favorite days are when I get a text or email from a client exclaiming, “I got that big job!” YES! Career achievement PLUS more people get to be influenced by your authentic leadership. The ripple effect will be huge – more empathy, more compassion. Your impact on their lives, immeasurable. 

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