I never considered myself an athlete growing up (hello, limiting belief!). After our first child was 8 months old, I found indoor rowing through a studio close to my house. It was like a spin class, but with rowing machines instead of spin bikes.

For the first time, I felt connected to something that I really liked in a workout. I’d never experienced that before. I’d always equated working out to something negative. As a punishment for eating too much, or an excuse to eat more. Rowing felt like it was mine. Something for me, a connection to my values of balance and achievement.

Rowing is the same motion over and over. The repetitive nature of it is mind numbing to some. For others, it is peace. Every time I get to the catch, I get a chance to start over, to burst, to push. That’s a magical place, the catch. It is where your power comes from. It is just before you drive back into the stroke. Just before an explosion of energy to push you. Then a small pause, rest, before you do it all again. Getting to the catch is giving you another chance to try again, to explode off the platform, with the force of your whole body, your whole self.

That’s the inspiration for our company name.

At The Catch Group we value belonging, celebration, collaboration, diversity, feedback, growth and rest.

What do you value? Don’t know? Check out our free values worksheet to get clarity on what matters most.

Laura Eigel, Founder, The Catch Group

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