You Belong in the C-Suite Podcast

You are a leader (yes, you!) in your job, in your community, and at home. You want to make a meaningful difference, and you want to do it authentically as the person you are, not the person the world wants you to be. You are ambitious, but know something is missing. You want to bring more of your passion to what you do. You have big career goals AND want to be fulfilled in your work. Because let’s be honest, you pour a lot into work, and it needs to mean more.

This show provides the clarity and actionable tools to lead with your values. Create the positive influence you want in your work and the world by embracing your authentic leadership.

With over 15 years in consulting, associations, and Fortune 50 companies, Laura Eigel, Ph.D., is on a mission to accelerate the growth of diverse leaders and help them lead authentically in the workplace. Laura offers you actionable tips from her career as an executive and in the c-suite in solo episodes and through engaging, enlightening and informative interviews with real leaders.

She believes more diversity and authenticity is needed in the top jobs at organizations. Because there are more S&P 500 CEOs named Michael or James than women in chief executive roles.

Your leadership belongs there. You belong in the c-suite.

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