How to Get the Support You Need in Career Transition

If you’ve been listening to this 4 part series on career transitions, by now you have the tools to recognize the signs you’re ready to move on to a different role as well as how to make the next move in your career strategy.

You should also be able to evaluate a career opportunity based on your values and identify what to leave behind and what to bring with you into your next experience. 

You have those key steps and are ready to take action but something is missing…can you guess what it is?

In today’s episode, Laura walks you through something integral in any kind of transition: support.
Career transition can feel lonely but doing it in the company of like-minded people makes the difference!

Whether you are just starting to think about moving into a new role, already searching for a change, or just started a new job, you need support and this episode gives you a great glimpse into how and where to get it.

Listen until the end and learn how The Catch Crew is a place for you to build your intentional career and get support and accountability along the way.

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 98, where Laura talks about what to leave behind and what to bring with you into your next experience when transitioning into a new job, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-How social accountability and peer support may help in your career transition.
-Peer support as a form of motivation.
-How to create a filter for what you want to accomplish in your career.
-Steps you need to take toward the life and career you want.

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