Evaluating Career Opportunities with Your Values First

Welcome to the second episode of this career transition series.

In our last episode, Laura explored some of the most common career change obstacles and broke down the five different categories of the career transition process she has encountered when working with her clients.

In today’s episode, she goes over the 3 parts that come into play when evaluating your next career opportunity and making sure it aligns with your values.

Loaded with applicable strategies, this episode will help you go from “is this opportunity the right fit for me?” to “am I the right fit for this opportunity or company?” while still considering your non-negotiables and the critical parts your next position should come with.

Listen until the end and remember to take the Should I stay or should I go quiz  to learn more about the intentional steps you should take to advance in your career.

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 96, the first episode of this series, where Laura breaks down the most common categories of the career transition process, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-How to evaluate a career opportunity based on your values.
-Mindset shifts when looking at your next company’s culture.
-The best way to identify new job opportunities.
-What questions to ask to see whether the opportunity is a values fit.
-Negotiating what you deserve.

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-Find your Free Values Worksheet HERE and take action on what matters most today!
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