How to Unlock Leadership Your Way with Alicia Jabbar

Today on the podcast Laura welcomes women leadership coach, Alicia Jabbar. 

Alicia brings a very innovative approach to leadership. She is a big proponent of changing the narrative around women’s careers, especially when it comes to the way they are typically perceived.

Their conversation is a deep dive into how having your values as the foundation of your career can help you create an impact even if you don’t fit into the stereotypical career ladder, how building a career that excites you can leverage your leadership and the importance of taking advantage of your uniqueness to set you apart.

Listen in and enjoy!

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In this episode, we cover:
-Alicia’s career fueled by her value of curiosity.
-Common struggles women face in the workplace.
-How to modulate your strengths for different audiences.
-Alicia’s coaching philosophy and framework.

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More about Alicia Jabbar:

Alicia Jabbar, CPCC, PCC has designed and delivered more than 100 experiences that inspire liberated leadership for women working in male-dominated industries. She is also an executive leadership coach who partners with individuals who sit on the outside of what is known, valued, or understood in the places they live and work. 

Through their work together, clients uncover how to increase their leadership capacity without sacrificing who they are. Alicia also facilitates the Interpersonal Dynamics course (“Touchy Feely”) offered at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

Prior to coaching, Alicia built a career at a high-growth data technology company leading teams across both product management and partnerships. Her clients included top-tier technology companies including Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Yahoo, and Amazon. She was part of the initial team at Datalogix that sold to Oracle in 2015 at a 33x return to investors. When she’s not coaching or running her business, she’s spending time with her family (partner, pup, and kiddo), unplugging in the mountains, cooking a fresh meal in the kitchen, or cuddling up with a good book.

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