Lead from the Heart with Mark C. Crowley

Today’s guest, Mark C. Crowley is an award-winning pioneer of heart-led leadership. He helps leaders implement the strategy, practices, and science proven to drive extraordinary employee engagement. 

Today, you’ll hear about what spurred him to write his book and the feedback he received from business leaders originally rejecting his approach on leadership.

Laura and Mark talk about everything from the science-backed behaviors that managers can implement to increase employee performance, to how leaders can stop operating out of the same old practices that hinder engagement.

So, what are the things that move people to do extraordinary work and transform them into achievement-driven employees? This is a fascinating chat, and Laura gets into all of that with Mark.

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 82 where Laura and speaker coach Sally Zimney dive deep into the connection that happens between speaker and audience when authenticity shows through, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-How Mark’s Heart-Led Leadership approach was born.
-What emotional currency is and how to create it.
-Behavioral adjustments leaders had to make as a result of the pandemic.
-Actionable ways to lead from the heart.
-Why we need to give more positive feedback.
-The things Millennials and Gen-Z want from their employers.

Resources and links mentioned during this episode:
-Visit Mark’s website at www.markccrowley.com and connect with him via LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.
-Read his book – Lead From The Heart: Transformational Leadership For The 21st Century.
-Laura’s first book – Values First. How Knowing Your Core Beliefs Can Get You the Life and Career You Want – is now available! Grab your copy today!
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More about Mark C. Crowley:

MARK C. CROWLEY is a recognized visionary in workplace management, engagement, and culture. He is the author of Lead From The Heart: Transformational Leadership For The 21st Century and the host of the top-ranked Lead From The Heart podcast.

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