Retaining Women in Tech Careers with Jossie Haines

In today’s episode, Laura welcomes DEI coach and public speaker, Jossie Haines. With over 22 years of experience in the tech industry, Jossie is an executive coach for engineering leaders who focuses on empowering them to create inclusive high-performing teams that thrive in today’s uncertain world.

This episode with Jossie is essential listening for leaders looking to become inclusive and equip themselves with the right tools to create an inclusive and diverse workplace. Listen to the entire episode and find out why DEI is everyone’s role, why women are so underrepresented in tech, how leaders can attract diverse talent, and more.

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 80 where Laura and Dr. Jacqueline Kerr chat about the behavioral science-backed tools we need to start designing the right system to decrease burnout, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-The struggle women in tech face.
-How leaders can build inclusive cultures to retain women in tech.
-The 3-pillar framework that empowers leaders to build inclusive and diverse teams.
-How effective and fair management practices influence inclusion.
-What keeps companies from becoming more inclusive.
-What organizations need to do to move their DEI strategies forward.

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More about Jossie Haines:

Jossie Haines is an executive and engineering leadership coach focused on empowering high-performing leadership through empathy and compassion. Her mission is to retain women in tech and break the statistic that 56% of women leave tech after 10-20 years by empowering engineering leaders with the effective and fair management practices and principles needed to finally move the needle.

She has spent over 22 years in the tech industry as an award-winning software engineering leader at the forefront of emerging consumer technology across Silicon Valley, including management roles at Apple, Tile, Zynga, and American Express. She was most recently the VP of Software Engineering & Head of DEI at Tile where she had grown the engineering team by 45% from 29 to 55 in 5 months during COVID and led all software engineering efforts across mobile, backend, web, and QA. At Apple, she led the Siri music team during the development of the HomePod, as well as the Siri media team which won a technical Emmy for the Siri on Apple TV integration.

She is also an avid public speaker, having given over 100 talks, workshops, and podcasts on retaining women in tech, engineering leadership, DEI, and various technologies.  

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