Negotiating Your Career Advancement with Madelin Mendoza

Today on the show, Laura welcomes career coach and HR professional, Madelin Mendoza.
Madelin specializes in putting women of color at the top levels of business and in today’s conversation she delves deep into the smart way of negotiating your career advancement.

This episode is loaded with great tips and information on knowing what is negotiable as well as how to negotiate at every stage of your career! Laura and Madelin cover a wide range of topics such as the things you have to have in an offer, compensation packages, being strategic in your job search, personal development, the first thing recruiters look at, and so much more.

Listen until the end and gain the confidence to successfully negotiate better opportunities at work! Thank you for tuning in!

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In this episode, we cover:
-What’s holding us back from negotiating.
-The importance of pay transparency.
-The different things you can negotiate beyond salary.
-The importance of Linkedin.
-How to negotiate as an external and internal candidate.
-How to set yourself up for a promotion.
-Mindset shifts going from mid-level management to executive.

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-Visit Madelin’s website at and connect with him via Linkedin and Instagram.
-Get on the waitlist for the next cohort of Madelin’s coaching program for women of color needing support in their job search. Visit her website and submit a discovery session form.
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More about Madelin Mendoza:

A native New Yorker, Madelin Mendoza (She/Her/Hers) is a first-generation Dominican-American career coach and HR professional. Growing up in Queens, Madelin’s communities were rich in diversity, instilling in her a passion to build a more diverse and inclusive world. Today, her career coaching business helps women of color land their dream senior and executive jobs that connect to their strengths and values. In her day job, she is a Senior HR Manager at Paramount and has over 7 years of HR experience. She’s earned her MS in HR Management and Development and is currently enrolled in an Executive Coaching Certificate program at NYU.

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