To become the best version of ourselves, it is essential to work on our mindset. For some, that mindset work may include a need for a change in behaviors, and for others a change in beliefs.

In today’s episode, Laura sits down with certified Executive & Leadership Coach, and the Founder of Arboleda Coaching – Patricia Arboleda.

Patricia has held different roles in big companies around the world. 

As a Latina immigrant, she has also seen firsthand the obstacles that stand in the way for most female and LatinX leaders.

Throughout this conversation, you’ll hear Laura and Patricia get into the details on how to overcome perfectionism, trust in yourself, and use mindset shifts to grow.

They also discuss the fear of failure, and how realizing it only exists in our minds opens the door for more growth and allows us to take back control of our lives.

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 67 where Laura brings back a listener favorite – You Belong, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-Patricia’s experience leading in multiple countries.
-How to define your own version of success.
-How Patricia’s definition of success shifted from perfection of moving up the corporate ladder to one of courage.
-The shift in work and priorities after a mindset shift.
-Building and establishing boundaries.
-Behaviors associated with perfectionism.
-How fear of failure holds us back.

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More about Patricia Arboleda:

Patricia Arboleda is a highly successful certified Executive & Leadership Coach and the Founder of Arboleda Coaching, a company that empowers driven women and LatinX to accelerate their success, take their careers to the next level, and break through barriers to build the futures they want. 

As a Latina woman who has climbed the corporate ladder, serving as a Global Senior Executive for a Fortune 500 company, Patricia has an insider’s understanding of what obstacles stand in the way for most female and LatinX leaders. Her multicultural background and the 25+ years of management, sales, and marketing experience give her the ability to truly develop both rising and established leaders so they can effectively lead from a place of unshakable confidence and propel their teams, their organizations, and their lives to new heights. 

Patricia has coached women at all levels – senior executives, mid-level managers and rising stars, and has helped them own their power, find their purpose doing what they love and get the fulfillment and balance they deserved. 

Patricia’s perspective-shifting keynote speeches, presentations, and workshops are all designed to inspire audiences and leave them with actionable insights and strategies to put into powerful action. She has been a speaker to companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Aruba Networks, Westham, Fortinet, WOTC, Santander Bank and Momentum Leaders amongst others. 

She has also developed and delivered Women’s Leadership Programs to different companies, and she serves as a Board Advisor at NextVision Sales Institute. 

Patricia is a Certified Executive Coach, a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, and holds advanced certifications in Women’s Leadership from Cornell University and Strategic Leadership from the Columbia Business School. 

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