Our guest today is an award-winning author and business leader who brings 20+ years of experience in driving transformational growth by challenging existing norms at Fortune 500 companies. Her name is Jinny Uppal and in today’s episode, she debunks the false pretenses of the hustle culture and presents a new framework on how to achieve our goals without paying the price of nonstop doing.

Sometimes the right action is no action. After years of the hustle culture being the norm, it is important for people to now recognize the idea of slowing down to avoid exhaustion. The fastest way to exhaustion is when you are convinced that you have to do everything and also want to do everything. One recommendation we learn from Jinny is to introduce small breaks and moments of reflection during the day and to let that become an integrated part of your life. Now, people are more receptive to the idea that taking short breaks and reflecting is good for you; not just for the sake of it, but to actually get you to your result.

Get ready to learn some practical ways to break free from overwork and embrace rest and ease, how to use mind-wandering as a way to unleash creativity and more.

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 65 where Laura and Lola Adeyemo talk about immigrant inclusion in Corporate America, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-Consequences of the hustle culture.
-Strategies to shift away from the hustle mindset.
-What mind wandering is and what it looks like.
-The importance of intentionally setting time for strategic inaction.
-How strategic inaction can impact the mental health crisis.
-Utilizing delegation to avoid exhaustion.

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-Check out Jinny’s book – “IN/ACTION: Rethinking the Path to Results” here.
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More about Jinny Uppal:

Jinny Uppal is no stranger to driving innovative thinking. She has honed her 20+ years of experience in driving transformational growth by challenging existing norms at Fortune 500 companies like Kohl’s, Macys, and IBM. As a business and tech growth strategist, board advisor, and thought leader, she continues to pave innovative paths to progress and success and most recently served in the role of Vice President of Strategy at $12B North American retailer Bed, Bath, & Beyond. 

Originally from Mumbai, Jinny s a graduate of Florida International University and Harvard Business School. In 2016 she took a sabbatical and worked with artists in Morocco to help them monetize their work. Jinny has been a practitioner of Vedic and Buddhist meditation and breathwork since 2008.

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