In today’s episode, Laura welcomes personal branding strategist, co-founder, and CMO, Karen Gamba, to discuss recognizing core values when developing a brand.  

Each day, every person should be on a journey of self-discovery. Recognize and share your failures with those around you because these are the stories that people will remember and learn from. The world is rapidly changing and we have more choices now than we ever did. We have the opportunity to ask questions and see if it brings us value. Additionally, we find ourselves in a place where we can be better about our lives, and each other, and how we are collaborating. We live in a world where people are hyper-aware of what we are leaving behind and what we are seeing happening.

Listen until the end of the episode to learn about building a personal brand, how stories of triumph and failure need to be shared to be authentic with audiences, and how we all need to create spaces to discuss and act on values to build connections and strategic actions. 

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 60 where Laura and Betsy Kauffman talk about navigating difficult conversations at work, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-What to start with and how to develop your personal brand.
-Recognizing how failures can be the driving force behind next steps and motivation.
-A shift in the importance of authentic connections.
-Outcomes of the pandemic in the workplace.
-Changes to make for better living.
-Creating spaces to discuss and act on values to build connections and strategic action.

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More about Karen Gamba:

Karen Gamba is the Co-Founder and CMO of the ExV Agency – an international Event Production and Business Development Agency that also offers clients exclusive personal branding strategies.

Karen was born and raised in South Africa and built her career in New York City. She is currently expanding ExV Agency’s global reach with the recent launch of an office in Hong Kong. With a strong focus on unique business development campaigns, Karen has worked with some of the largest firms in the world. She has also shared her creative approach with startups, emerging businesses, and individuals looking to elevate their visibility.

Her mission is to uplift as many individuals as possible through sustainable entrepreneurship practices that empowers communities at large.Her passion comes from experiencing the ingenuity of women in Africa first hand, who are able to provide for their families even with odds stacked against them. Because of these women, Karen co-founded Women Building Women, a non-profit that supports marginalized women through educational, mentorship and career strategies.

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