It is here, it is real, and it is meant to be shared with you.

In today’s episode, Laura is celebrating that her book is now out in the world! And to make it even more special, she gives you a sneak peek by reading the intro and prologue for you.

Get to know more about Laura’s early career stages, what is it like to be an introvert in a world of extroverted leaders, what the Values First framework is and what it’ll help you accomplish, and more.

This is a very special moment for Laura and the You Belong in the C-Suite team, and we want you to be a part of it too.

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Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 54 where Laura switches places and is interviewed by her writing coach, Lauren Marie Fleming on her new book, then go back and check it out!

Resources and links mentioned during this episode:
-Laura’s first book – Values First. How Knowing Your Core Beliefs Can Get You the Life and Career You Want – will be launching April 12th! Stay up to date on the launch, events, and more by joining our list here!
-Want to work with Laura? Check out her programs and coaching services.
-Listen to last week’s episode to hear more about Laura’s writing process and what motivated her to become an author.

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