Does talking about money make you uncomfortable?

Most of us have been taught that talking about money is impolite. It’s a taboo subject that is often left out of the conversation at home, work, or even among friends, leaving negative emotions tied to it like shame and confusion.

How can something so important rarely be discussed? 

In today’s episode, Laura is joined by financial advisor, wealth and money mindset coach, Natalie Bullen.

Natalie is the owner of Unapologetic Wealth – a coaching and consulting firm that helps women and marginalized communities create the wealth they deserve and desire.

To say that you’re in for a treat doesn’t do justice to this episode.
Natalie’s storytelling skills and lively conversation will bring you to a place of gleefulness as she talks about money mindset, how to be more proactive in our financial lives, inherited beliefs about money, and so many other interesting facts about how we perceive money in both our personal and professional lives.

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 47 where Laura and Joseph Santana chat about the future of DEI, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-Common mindset marginalized people have about money.
-Shifting your money mindset.
-Rewriting your money story.
-How to align your money and investments to your values.
-How leaders can act as corporate fiduciaries for their employees.
-What paid transparency is and how to do it right.

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More about Natalie Bullen:

Natalie Bullen is a wealth and money mindset coach from Mobile, AL. As the owner of Unapologetic Wealth, she teaches financial literacy, money mindset work, and sales training for introverts so they can step into the wealth they deserve and desire. She is also a Financial Advisor who shuns traditional personal finance values rooted in shame, guilt, and fear and encourages followers to dream bigger, increase their prices and magnify their gifts.

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