As you’ve heard us mention before, the mission of Laura’s company – The Catch Group is to bring more authenticity and diversity to the top jobs at organizations.

We are excited to highlight this Listener Favorite episode with Tracy Renee Williams, the VP of Learning & Development for the Valence BONDS program, a membership program that develops black professionals and aspiring leaders through coaching, community, and curriculum.

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Original Show notes:

In today’s episode, Laura is joined by the talented Tracy Reneé Williams. Tracy is the CEO of LDC Concepts, where they help you unlock the magic of emotional intelligence and the power of communication. She is also the Vice President of Learning and Development at the Valence community – an organization which mission is to create new paths to success for black professionals.

She is here today to talk about her values and leadership roles as well as the importance of creating a safe space for black professionals, embracing diversity, peer community, diversity, and inclusion for executives.

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 45 where Laura talks about how she prioritizes with her values in mind, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-Tracy’s background story; going from a shy girl to a leader.
-Tracy’s current role as VP of Learning and Development at Valence and the BONDS program.
-The importance of providing peer community and safe space for executives to grow.
-Tracy’s leadership journey and how she contributes to her community.
-Establishing clear boundaries for effective leadership.

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More about Tracy:

Daughter. Speaker. Sister. Facilitator. Auntie. Coach. Godmommy. Change Maker

Tracy Reneé Williams is the Vice President of Learning and Development/Head of Valence Bonds for Valence Community, where she is leading the design and launch of a membership-based peer community that helps Black professionals realize their full potential as business and cultural leaders. Building upon Valence’s mission of creating new paths to professional success, Valence BONDS helps each member navigate his/her/their individualized journey via thought leadership, conscious dialogue, and peer accountability.

Tracy recently began a three-year tenure as President of the Texas Christian University (TCU) National Alumni Board and ex-officio member of the TCU Board of Trustees. She has the distinct honor of being the first Black alum to hold this position.

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