Today on the show we welcome the founder of Dyvergent Consulting Group, LLC, and leadership & DE&I Consultant, Kerry Rosado.

During this conversation, Laura and Kerry cover a lot of ground. 
Kerry opens up about what inspired her to help leaders have a better understanding of what diversity and inclusion really mean and how they can make this part of their teams’ culture.
She also shares what it means to go from compliance to implementing diversity and inclusion best practices as well as the organizational changes required to make the D&I achievements sustainable.

Cultivating an inclusive culture where every employee is supported and respected is a powerful way to increase productivity, boost performance, and nurture a true sense of belonging. If you perceive the D&I space as unmapped territory and would like to embrace diversity, join us for episode 36 of the You Belong in the C-Suite podcast!

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 35 where Laura tackles the process of creating a strategic budget plan for you and your team, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-What spurred Kerry’s interest in the diversity & inclusion space.
-Compliance vs. commitment mindset.
-Kerry’s new book: Inclusive Leadership – Opening Doors For Marginalized Groups.
-What a diversity council is and why every company should have one.
-D&I initiatives in the education system.
-Mistakes being made by organizations and education systems in the D&I space.

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More about Kerry Rosado:

Kerry D. Rosado is a Latinx Founder of Dyvergent Consulting Group, LLC. As a Leadership & DE&I Consultant, she helps global leaders and organizations in English and Spanish to build stronger teams where people can thrive by cultivating an inclusive culture. She has 7+ years of experience in tech, healthcare, and education. She was named among the 146 Inspiring Women Leaders in 2021 by Diverse IN. She is a former elected official, who served as a School Board Trustee and advocated for equitable education for all students. She is a proud mother of two boys with autism and neurodiversity advocate. She holds a Certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace, a B.S. in Computer Science, and pursuing her MBA. Author of Inclusive Leadership: Opening Doors for Marginalized Groups, coming out fall 2021. Podcast host of Dyvergent Change Makers, available on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and Google podcasts.

She has worked at top tech companies such as Microsoft and Amazon to advocate for diversity and inclusion. She is a former board member for People Acting in Community Together (PACT), where I empowered the community to solve social issues related to housing, immigration, education, restorative justice, and led community rallies. She has also mentored youth through Google CS First and Microsoft TEALS, and even led and won hackathons at Women Who Code Silicon Valley.

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