Budgeting usually isn’t one of the top favorite things to do for leaders. It feels transactional, like another thing on your to-do list you have to accomplish. What if we told you it could be one of the most strategic things you do to set up your team for success?

In today’s episode, Laura tackles the process of creating a strategic budget plan for you and your team. She goes over the line items you should include in it as well as how harnessing your relationships with your finance partners when creating one may you up for success.

We hope this episode helps you feel more confident when diving into the annual budgeting process, grow awareness and create a consistent stream of development within your team!

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 34 where Laura and Katie McLaughlin talk about how intentionality helps build thriving workplace cultures, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-Strategic budgeting for team development.
-Understanding your annual budget process.
-Empowering your team to own their piece of the budget.
-Integrating a development budget.

Resources and links mentioned during this episode:
-Find your Free Values Worksheet HERE and take action on what matters most today!
-Listen to episode 9, Who are your MVPs: Most Valuable Partnerships to learn more about why building relationships with them is so important.

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