Talking about our own achievements at work may seem unnatural to some. Some would rather quietly perform their roles and fly under the radar before talking boastfully about their accomplishments. However, if one is to be noticed, waiting for your performance to tell the story may not be an effective way to get other people’s attention.

So, should your work speak for itself or should you do it?

Today’s episode is all about boosting your visibility at work and being in control of your career.
Our guest, Kim Welcome brings a delightful amount of actionable tips, tools, and examples on shifting your mindset for success, ways to build your personal brand at work, how to excel as an introvert, and more.

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 23 where Laura encourages you to go after that new role, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-Using your voice to advance your career.
-Confidence as a foundation to stand out at work.
-Reasons holding leaders back from speaking up on their behalf.
-Limiting beliefs and how to reframe them.
-Mind maps for enhanced communication.
-How to promote yourself without bragging.
-How to build genuine rapport and relationships with your coworkers.

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More about Kim Welcome:

A speaker, singer, and voice actor, and former sales and marketing professional, Kim Welcome started her company Influential Voice when she realized her background provides the very skills all professionals need to advance their careers in the corporate space. With 13+ years of experience, Kim Welcome has well over 10,000 communication training and coaching hours under her belt transforming the communication skills of teams at top-tier organizations like Atlantis Bahamas, Credit Suisse Bahamas, Royal, and Scotia Bank, so they can increase their bottom line.

She has coached hundreds, helping professionals garner promotions, politicians win elections, and even a shy pageant hopeful snag a crown.

Her programs are offered online with no geographical barriers.

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