A culture of accountability drives effective leadership. It provides clear expectations, builds strong and successful teams, and paves the way for future generations.

Join Laura and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Vince Molinaro as they geek out on leadership development and the importance of accountability within the organizations.
Throughout this conversation, Dr. Molinaro shares real-life experiences and turning points in his career, talks about the collective impact leaders have in an organization, dives deep into how to stop wasting energy on dualities in an organization, and so much more.

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 19 where Laura talks about the Great Resignation, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-The definition of accountability.
-What it means to be a leader.
-Accountability in leadership.
-The 3 levels of leadership accountability.
-Using positive influence to drive team success.
-Generational differences in workplace ethics.
-Implementing an accountable leadership approach even when your company doesn’t support you.

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-Read the book: Accountable Leadership by Vince Molinaro.
-Listen to the Lead The Future Video Podcast.
-Find your Free Values Worksheet HERE.

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More about Dr. Vince Molinaro:

Dr. Vince Molinaro is a professional speaker, global leadership adviser, entrepreneur, and New York Times, best-selling author.

Vince has delivered keynotes in twenty-five countries and eighty cities. His purpose is to help leaders really understand what it means to be a leader, confront mediocrity, and inspire a culture where everyone steps up, takes ownership, and delivers results.

His books, including Accountable Leaders (Wiley, 2020), and The Leadership Contract (3rd ed., Wiley, 2018), and The Leadership Contract Field Guide (Wiley, 2018), serve as the foundation of many leadership programs in companies around the world.

As Founder and CEO of Leadership Contract Inc, Vince and his team help companies build and scale leadership accountability at all levels. He and his teams have designed and delivered many awarding winning leadership development programs, including The Leadership Contract®, regarded as a top international training program by HR.com, and winner of a thought leadership awards by The Adecco Group and MEECO Leadership Institute.

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