Leadership Mindset Mastery with Lynell Green

In today’s episode, Laura and executive coach, Lynell Green, dive into the power of mindset mastery both in the workplace and in personal life.

They also discuss the importance of values in guiding our decisions and how understanding our core values can shape our leadership journey.

Lynell emphasizes the importance of taking ownership of your leadership journey. Waiting for permission or validation can hinder your growth and progress. As Lynell puts it, “You’re not waiting for somebody to come and unlock a door for you.”

This episode is a must-listen for anyone aspiring to the C-suite, seeking to enhance their leadership skills, or looking to make a difference in their career and personal life. Tune in to gain valuable insights and practical tips from Lynell’s wealth of experience.

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 151, where Dr. Julie Fratantoni shares her extensive knowledge on how our brains are affected by our daily habits and what we can do to optimize our brain function for better leadership and life, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-Lynell’s journey from accounting to coaching leaders
-The term mindset mastery.
-Understanding and mastering mindset for personal and career success.
-The three biggest struggles aspiring leaders face in mindset.
-Real-life examples of shifting mindset and priorities over time.

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More about Lynell Green:

Lynell Green, EA, GRI Bio Lynell Green is a strategic management consultant and executive coach who specializes in unleashing leadership potential and cultivating a culture of leadership. 

With over 40 years of experience, Lynell has worked with clients worldwide, including prominent companies like Meta, Netflix, Twitter, Microsoft, and Hilton. Her expertise lies in coaching leaders to inspire and empower others, fostering a ripple effect of leadership throughout organizations. 

Lynell’s approach aims to unleash the untapped leadership capabilities within individuals, enabling them to create a powerful and transformative impact within their teams and beyond. Lynell Green’s success as a strategic management consultant and executive coach is attributed to her multifaceted background in accounting, corporate management, and teaching leadership programs. With experience in these domains, Lynell possesses a unique perspective that allows her to offer valuable insights and guidance to her clients. 

Her accounting expertise enables her to understand complex business strategies, while her corporate management background equips her with the knowledge of organizational dynamics and effective decision-making. Additionally, Lynell’s experience in teaching leadership programs equips her with the skills to effectively coach and develop leaders, further enhancing her ability to support her clients in achieving their goals.

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