Better Brain Health with Dr. Julie Fratantoni

In today’s episode, Dr. Julie Fratantoni joins us to share her extensive knowledge on how our brains, especially the frontal lobe, are affected by our daily habits and what we can do to optimize our brain function for better leadership and life.
She emphasizes the benefits of taking brain breaks throughout the day to enhance mental clarity, decision-making, and overall brain health.

Laura and Dr. Fratantoni also discuss the negative impact of multitasking on brain health as it can increase stress levels, impair cognitive function, and lead to shallow thinking. 

You will also learn the significance of scheduling time for deep thinking and reflection. Leaders, in particular, can benefit from setting aside dedicated time for focused, uninterrupted thinking to optimize their brain function and enhance their strategic capabilities.

Challenge yourself to experiment with small changes in your daily routine to optimize brain health. Start with simple actions like taking brain breaks, prioritizing sleep, and avoiding multitasking. Your brain will thank you!

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 150, where Pat D’amico provides actionable tips on how leaders can create opportunities for feedback that are both timely and constructive, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-Why brain health matters so much.
-What a brain brake really is.
-Actionable things for healthier brain function.
-Multitasking Myths.
-The impact of cultural norms on our brain health.

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More about Dr. Julie Fratantoni:

Julie Fratantoni is head of research integration and partnerships at the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas.
She specializes in creating content and tools that help people become proactive about their brain health. 

Dr. Fratantoni is a skilled science communicator who makes neuroscience approachable and engaging. She regularly shares brain tips and science insights on Good Morning Texas and on social media. She leads the user experience and training content creation for The BrainHealth® Project—a ten-year, longitudinal research study seeking to define, measure, and improve brain health and performance across the lifespan. 

She leverages behavioral science to facilitate the adoption of brain-healthy habits and for the development and design of the online BrainHealth dashboard and mobile app where participants access assessments (BrainHealth Index), coaching, and training. Dr. Fratantoni heads up different research initiatives on topics including women’s brain health, hormone replacement therapy, and sleep. 

She also leads the Kindness Enterprise, a research and translational program seeking to uncover and harness the brain’s capacity for kindness, empathy, and compassion as critical components of overall brain health and well-being. She received her PhD in cognitive neuroscience from The University of Texas at Dallas and is also a licensed speech-language pathologist, and trained in biofeedback and mindfulness techniques. Her clinical work has focused on facilitating high-performance brain training for corporate executives, veterans, athletes, and young adults.

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