In today’s episode, Laura sits down with Jim Stevenson, the founder and CEO of The Bletchley Group.

Jim’s philosophy on leadership emphasizes the importance of empowering others and creating an environment where team members feel supported and inspired.

Throughout our conversation, Jim stressed the value of curiosity in leadership, encouraging leaders to step out of their silos and engage with different parts of their organization to gain a broader perspective. He also discussed the importance of timing and understanding the bigger picture when making decisions, especially in the context of business growth and valuation.

Jim’s approach to leadership is about shaping teams, hiring the right people, and then giving them the autonomy to excel.

Listen in to learn how to lead with intention and build a team that drives results!

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 147, where Laura and Sabine Gedeon discuss the critical role of sponsorship in career advancement and her strategic approach to relationship building, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-Tips for developing your leadership skills.
-Leading with curiosity.
-Empowering teams and recognizing contributions.
-How to break out of your silo and see the bigger picture as a leader.

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More about Jim Stevenson:

Jim is the founder and CEO of Bletchley Group, a global consultancy that provides his clients with Strategy and Transformation consultancy to help them grow to the next level. He is also a Partner in Spark International, a boutique Fundraising and M&A firm. As well as his consultancy he coaches CEO’s and the C-Suite on the issues there organizations face with growth.

From my Twitter Profile: 20+ years of Strategy, Transformation, and Growth, adding $700M+ to clients. Fundraising and M&A. Ex The Guardian, Bacardi, News Corp, M&S, Scout24 etc.

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