Strategic Relationship Building for Career Advancement with Sabine Gedeon

Today’s conversation with Sabine Gedeon is nothing short of inspiring. Laura and Sabine delve into her personal journey from her roots in Haiti to her transformative career in HR and talent development. Sabine also shares her pivotal moment when she realized that the corporate path she had been pursuing no longer aligned with her evolved self. 

Sabine’s insights on building social capital and expanding influence are particularly enlightening. She emphasizes the importance of acknowledging our wins and maintaining a “brag book” to document our achievements. 

They also discuss the critical role of sponsorship in career advancement and the strategic approach to relationship building as well as the concept of the “success circle,” – an essential group of people for achieving your career goals and ensuring you have the right support system in place.

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 146, where Laura and Dr. Karyn Edwards get in the weeds of how values alignment influences one’s impact and career success, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-Strategic relationships at work.
-Building social capital and influence.
-The importance of acknowledging and celebrating achievements regularly.
-Understanding high potential identification.
-Setting career intentions for success.

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More about Sabine Gedeon:

Sabine Gedeon is a powerhouse in leadership and personal development. As the founder of She Leads Network and host of the top-rated podcast, “She Leads Now,” she specializes in supporting women and emerging leaders during pivotal seasons of transition, helping them embrace a growth mindset, cultivate meaningful connections, and lead purposeful lives. An accomplished author, she has penned influential books such as “LeadHership Reloaded” and “Transformed: The Journey to Becoming.”


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