From Corporate to Entrepreneur and Back with Gulé Sheikh

In today’s episode, Laura sits down with technologist and entrepreneur Gulé Sheikh to discuss her pivotal career moments, skills development, and the transition between entrepreneurship and corporate careers.

During the conversation, you’ll hear Gulé reflect on the benefits and drawbacks of each path, emphasizing the importance of building breadth across multiple disciplines while honing expertise in specific areas.
They also discuss the importance of purpose-driven work, self-development, and the value of saying “yes” to growth opportunities while setting boundaries aligned with personal and professional goals.

This enriching conversation offers a roadmap for navigating career transitions, embracing challenges, and fostering growth in the ever-changing business landscape. Tune in to gain actionable insights and inspiration for your own career journey!

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 143, where Laura and Dr. Wallington delve into the themes of mentorship, the challenges faced by African American male executives, and the importance of diversity in leadership roles, and team culture building, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-The challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.
-Embracing a growth mindset.
-Adapting to change in today’s dynamic work environment.
-Going back to corporate after running a company.

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More about Gulé Sheikh:

Gulé is a technologist by trade and former executive who founded a health-tech company, scaled it by 1000%, and sold the company after 7 years of running it. She was interviewed by Melinda Gates as one of the few health-tech startup owners who raised over $2MM in the Midwest. She developed the only algorithm for price transparency at the point of care, in the US. Her background in predictive analytics led her to Tableau, as data-driven decisions have played a role in every aspect of her career.

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