Leading with Values with Rita Lazar-Tippe

In this episode, digital leader, Rita Lazar-Tippe joins Laura for a candid conversation on leadership, values, and team culture building.

Rita has a long trajectory leading teams in different organizations and in today’s episode she shares how grounding on her values has helped her become a more intentional, effective leader. She also highlights the positive impact joining Laura’s coaching program has had on her career and how you too can lead with authenticity and purpose.

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 141, where Laura talks about how to transition confidently to your next career move and the things you should consider to have a successful outcome, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-Rita’s values and how those show up in the teams she leads.
-How to use your values to motivate your teams.
-Establishing cultures as leaders.
-Her view on continuous learning.

Resources and links mentioned during this episode:
-Connect with Rita on LinkedIn and read the books she recomends! When Machines Become Customers by Don Scheibenreif and Quiet by Susan Cain.
-Join Laura for the first Values First Leader Workshop on April 25th in Dallas, TX. Click here to register today!
-The You Belong in the C-Suite Group Coaching cohort is not open for enrollment. Join us for this cohort and you can join our first in-person retreat in April. Submit your application for enrollment now!
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-Laura’s first book – Values First. How Knowing Your Core Beliefs Can Get You the Life and Career You Want – is now available! Grab your copy today!
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More about Rita Lazar-Tippe:

Rita Lazar-Tippe is not your average Digital Leader – with a deeply personal approach, she infuses her work with heart and soul, igniting powerful transformations in the digital realm. Beyond her technical expertise, Rita’s personal touch inspires collaboration and bold innovation.
Her authentic enthusiasm creates a safe space where everyone’s voice is heard and valued. Rita has over 25 years of experience in Digital Transformation, Data, and Innovation, in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, comprising of the following industries: philanthropic fundraising, pensions, environment, entertainment, media, engineering, education, strategic and integrated consulting, and federal and provincial government.
In her current role as the Chief Digital Officer of Cashco Financial, Rita is responsible for overall digital vision and strategy, while influencing a digital organization’s culture and strategic direction and ensuring business efficiency and effectiveness, and optimal operational management. Rita serves on the McDougall House Board which is a “second stage” treatment facility for women in recovery, and the Alberta Automotive Insurance Rate Board. She has earned the Competent Board ESG designation. She is a strong believer in team first, having built high-performing teams in various organization it’s by far her greatest accomplishment. Today, Rita continues to transform digital landscapes with her unwavering approach to team – speaking last and looking at the big WE instead of the small me.

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