Disrupting Executive Recruiting with Kyle Samuels

If you want to land an executive role, focus less on the biggest titles and more on the previous professional relationships you’ve had. Or like today’s guest would recommend, think about the relationships you have with people who care about you and go from there.

In today’s episode, executive search expert, Kyle Samuels emphasizes the importance of expanding the pool of candidates for executive roles to include more diverse and non-traditional profiles, moving beyond the limited circles that traditional search firms often rely on.

He also breaks down the value that executive search firms provide to both companies and candidates. For companies, it’s about expertise and a white-glove service that internal teams may not be able to offer. For candidates, it’s the assurance that a company values the role highly enough to invest in a search firm.

This episode is full of great actionable tips that will help you get clear about your expectations and how to use your networks effectively when looking for an executive role. Enjoy!

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In this episode, we cover:
-How the executive recruiting model works.
-What companies are looking for in executive candidates post-pandemic.
-The main differentiators for candidates landing great roles.
-Lack of diversity in executive search.
-The role of executive search firms.

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More about Kyle Samuels:

Kyle Samuels is the founder of Creative Talent Endeavors, an executive search agency and consultancy that aims to revolutionize the talent landscape. Armed with more than two decades of recruiting experience, Kyle has worked with some of the largest companies including Yum! Brands, Kroger, Twitter, Klaviyo, and Duolingo. Kyle aims to make the C-suite look like America, with 65% of job placements at CTE identifying as women and more than 40% coming from historically underrepresented demographics.

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