Starting Slow in 2024

Welcome to the first episode of season 4 of the You Belong in the C-Suite podcast!

We often hear January is considered the perfect month of the year to leap into action, set goals, and plan how great we want this new year to be. But what if we’ve been getting it wrong all along?

This year, Laura would like to suggest you try something a little different: start slow.
And with that, she is giving you permission to take the space to really get clear on what you want this next year to be all about.

Listen in to hear some exciting news about the events she has planned for you, and don’t forget to join us next week for an amazing conversation with a new guest!

In this episode, we cover:
-Making January your warm-up month.
-How empowered planning can help your team.
-The 3 steps to building a boundary.
-Exciting news you don’t want to miss!

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