Dyslexia as a Hyper-ability with Gil Gershoni

In today’s episode, Laura sits down with Gil Gershoni – founder and creative director of branding agency, Gershoni Creative – to unpack the many powers of dyslexic thinkers and how this hyper-ability impacts their leadership.

Throughout this episode, you’ll hear Gil share how his dyslexia amplifies his leadership style, why a can-do attitude develops a proactive approach in all situations, how he brings his team along in his vision, and more.

Gil has allowed his curiosity to take the lead within his non-linear career path which we’re sure you’ll enjoy listening to. Enjoy!

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 121, where Laura and Alicia Ray talk about the different empowering ways you can advocate for yourself, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-How dyslexia has shaped Gil’s career.
-Being dyslexic as a business leader.
-Building a culture of collaboration.
-The benefits of whole body listening to solve complex issues.

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More about Gil Gershoni:

Gil Gershoni is the co-founder and creative director of Gershoni Creative, a branding agency with offices in San Francisco and Dallas. For more than 25 years, Gil has developed design- and innovation-focused solutions that help brands connect with themselves, their audiences, and the world around them. Clients include Google, Apple, Spotify, Deloitte, Nike, BBC, and Patrón.

Gil is also the founder of Dyslexic Design Thinking, an initiative that explores how the dyslexic mindset can help improve the way we think, create, and relate to one another. He is the host of the Dyslexic Design Thinking podcast, which features interviews with dyslexic creators, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders.

Gil is an advocate for the reframing of dyslexia as a “hyper-ability” and regularly speaks to audiences about the power of neurodiversity, including a sold-out appearance at South by Southwest.

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