Getting to Equity, Advancing Women to the C-Suite with Barri Rafferty

Today on the show, Laura welcomes the current Interim CEO at C200, Barri Rafferty.

At C200 Barri focuses on helping women succeed in their careers, and advance current and future women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

This conversation is a deep dive into everything from the current state of women in the C-suite to creating support systems, setting clear boundaries, and leveraging your team’s strengths to win.

Laura’s empowering chat with Barri will inspire you to keep advancing your career as a woman in leadership, so don’t miss out. Listen in and enjoy!

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 111, where Laura and Lisa Coletta dive deep into why governance matters for leaders and organizations, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-What a growth culture is and how Barri has created one as a CEO.
-What it’s like to be the first woman in a big leadership role.
-Finding your own advisory board.
-Why building a team is key to achieving success.

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More about Barri Rafferty:

Current Interim CEO at C200. Has held roles as Global Head of Communications and Brand Management at Wells Fargo, Global CEO of Ketchum, and has a history of driving value for businesses, brands, stakeholders, communities, and teams. A strong consultant and change agent known for working with executive teams to modernize offerings, enhance sales, create global transformation, deliver a consistent brand experience, and effectively streamline organizations for effectiveness. 

An equal parts right-brain and left-brain thinker who leverages insights, data, and technology to develop effective creative that is engaging in a crowded marketplace. Leverages the marketing and communications ecosystem to personalize communications creating efficiency and measurable outcomes. A confident, persuasive communicator with global public relations and brand expertise overseeing internal and external communications, financial communications, government affairs, social impact, digital/social channels, product/service and enterprise brand campaigns, employer brand, corporate affairs, reputation management and change management. 

A talent magnet and inspiring, collaborative leader with a track record of building next generation leaders by marrying empathy and accountability to create learning environments. A devoted advocate of diversity, equity, and inclusion in her personal and professional life. A leader who possesses exceptional interpersonal skills with a demonstrated ability to communicate findings, win supporters and move people and organizations to action.

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