Navigating Peer Relationships for Team Effectiveness with Miriam Meima

In today’s episode, you’ll learn the different ways you can strengthen your relationships with your peers at work and how being intentional about it can lead to more impact.

Laura and leadership coach Miriam Meima dive deep into the common themes they see when coaching other leaders. They explore the importance of avoiding initiative overload, how to use your energy cycle to increase productivity, the benefits of having open communication with your team, and much more.

This episode will provide you with the best practices to successfully navigate your relationships at work while allowing you to make more conscious choices on how to live and lead – enjoy!

If you haven’t listened to episode 106, where Laura and Aashni Shah, discuss the tool that makes it easier for everyone to celebrate their accomplishments, track achievements, and create goals, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-The importance of peer relationships in the workplace.
-What working in a high-functioning team feels and looks like.
-Behavioral relationships within a team dynamic.
-Building autonomy in how you work.

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More about Miriam Meima:

Miriam Meima has been a coach & facilitator for over twenty years, dedicating her life to studying the overlap between business and psychology. Miriam has coached founders and executives at hundreds of companies, including a dozen $1B+. She often partners with companies from Series B all the way through going public. She works 1:1 with senior leaders, facilitates team offsites and develops customized leadership development journeys for leaders at all levels. Her specialty is in helping people unlock the next level of performance while maximizing authenticity. Miriam’s credentials include an MA in Organizational & Management Development, a BA in Business & Psychology. She is a Master Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, a Fellow at the Harvard Institute of Coaching and a member of Forbes Coaches Council.

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