Episode 106: Hype Your Achievements with Aashni Shah

How often do you celebrate your successes?

Recognizing your wins serve as fuel for your continued growth. However, people are more likely to associate celebration with their personal lives rather than their careers.
But what if there was a way to celebrate wins at work regularly and help you want to make progress continuously?

This is the focus of today’s conversation with Aashni Shah, the founder of Hypedocs – a platform designed to engage, motivate, and retain employees by making it easier for everyone to celebrate their accomplishments, track achievements, and create goals.

Aashni is on a mission to make the workplace a more enjoyable environment with scalable tech that organizations can use.
In this episode, she shares how the idea behind her company was born, the many ways Hypedocs can be implemented, her passion for advocacy and making a difference, and much more.

If you haven’t listened to episode 105, where Laura talks about identifying your values and connecting them to your team, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-Aashni’s entrepreneurial journey.
-The power of reminding yourself of your own accomplishments.
-How Aashni’s company works to bring technology to other companies.
-The use of technology in management.

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More about Aashni Shah:

Aashni Shah is a multinational citizen of the world. She was born and grew up in Kenya before moving to Canada for University. She’s proud to call both countries home and looks to bring her technical knowledge and expertise from Canada to Kenya. Aashni has previously worked as a Software Engineer at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Square, and is currently the founder of HypeDocs. Aashni is on a mission to build a better tomorrow and does this through her work with her startups and volunteer work. She especially enjoys focusing on getting more girls and women into STEM, as well as looking into how to bring more tech to help developing countries like Kenya. Aashni has been recognized with awards such as the Top 50 Inspiring Women in STEM in Canada.

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