In today’s episode, Laura is joined by the amazing Arlene Pace Green. Arlene is an Organizational Psychologist and Consultant, Executive Coach, and Leadership Development Speaker. Her mission is to help people identify and achieve their greatest aspirations.
Arlene is here today to talk about her new book You Deserve to Love Your Job, her personal journey to getting there and how we can live an abundant and joyful life, because we certainly CAN have it all!

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 4 where Laura talks about work from home boundaries, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-Arlene’s personal journey to falling in love with her job.
-What nudged Arlene to entrepreneurialism and how she achieved it.
-Biggest struggles that people face today in the business space.
-How to bring more joy into your job.
-Changing the mindset that you bring to your work.
-How activities outside your work can help you find more fulfillment in life.
-Overcoming obstacles that are holding you back.
-Making the decision to quit your job and how to do it the right way.
-Arlene’s new book You Deserve to Love Your Job.

Resources and links mentioned during this episode:
-Check out Arlene’s website.
-Connect with Arlene on Instagram @arlene_pace_green.
-Pre-order Arlene’s new book You Deserve to Love Your Job and get the first chapter now!
-Find your Free Values Worksheet HERE.
-Join the You Belong in The C-Suite coaching program to gain clarity on your values, create and stick to boundaries to live the life you want! Learn more HERE!

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More about Arlene:

Arlene is an Organizational Psychologist and Consultant, Executive Coach, and Leadership Development Speaker. She is the author of “You Deserve to Love Your Job: How to Find Your Purpose and Enjoy Your Life”. Arlene is the Founder and CEO of Enelra Talent Solutions, LLC. Enelra works with individuals and businesses they believe in to provide Executive Coaching, Org Design, and Leadership Development offerings that enable business and people development.

Arlene has a doctorate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Old Dominion University and brings over 20 years of experience working internally in various corporate organizations. She is known for her business partnership and ability to collaborate to bring solutions to complex challenges. Arlene has co-authored articles, book-chapters and symposiums on various topics including selection and hiring, talent assessment, organizational design, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Arlene lives in Dallas TX with her husband, daughter, and chiweenie.

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