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Build a Boundary with Me


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-It is time to recalibrate some things.

Personally, I know that I need to build a new boundary to live my values.
And I need some accountability in my journey.

What do you need to recalibrate?

Join me in the Build a Boundary with Me Workshop. I’ll be on this journey with you, and teaching you my three-step process to building a boundary and most importantly, keeping it!


  • Have more control over your day. Your motivation is high, and there is no hesitation to prioritize yourself. 
  • Feel renewed energy and focus to put your skillset to work by stepping out of things that aren’t meant for you, and prioritizing your own needs 
  • Have clarity of knowing what to say “yes” and “no” to, and the peace of mind of knowing you made the right decision.

I want you to get there, and that’s why I’m hosting a live workshop for corporate leaders.

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Build a Boundary with Me Workshop


👉 Learn how to build a boundary that will help you prioritize what matters most.

👉 Set up a system that will enable you to keep that boundary, especially on the hard days when you are pulled into 10,000 different directions.

👉A space for practical application and accountability. This isn’t a workshop you just get to listen to while you are doing other work. You’ll leave with an actual framework, boundary to try out, and a session to report back on how it went.

Workshop Details


WHEN: The workshop is an on-demand video, available to view now! You’ll be invited to a live coaching session at the end of the month to have a space for accountability and ask Laura questions (this session is entirely optional).

WHERE: You’ll be emailed a login to get instant access to the Build a Boundary with Me workshop. We’ll have the live coaching session via Zoom at the end of the month. 

WHO IT’S FOR: Any person who wants to take steps to prioritize themselves, and build a work boundary. Some content will be centered around women building careers within corporate environments.

Hi, I’m Laura Eigel, your “career therapist” 

I coach leaders who want to advance their careers, gain fulfillment and lead as their authentic selves. I have my Ph.D. in applied psychology and am a continuous learner. When I’m not helping others achieve their goals, you can catch me on my WaterRower (indoor rowing!) or hanging out with my family.

I’ve been in your shoes before, in a big job and barely keeping up. I felt guilty spending time away from family while at work and not keeping up with work when I was with family. After grounding myself in my values and finding clarity, I was able to lead as my authentic self in the c-suite, and now as an entrepreneur.

I don’t believe in work-life balance. That is a myth. But I do believe in building boundaries and setting priorities to live a life of impact and fulfillment. I’m excited to help you get there too.

As women we are socialized to bypass our boundaries at every turn. In our personal lives, with our families, and especially at work.

It started early for me in school… getting good grades, going above and beyond, making myself available, being stuck with doing all the work on the group project… so it isn’t that big of a surprise that it followed me into my career. 


For years, we’ve been told to… 

  • Lean in.
  • Push through.
  • Show up.

Living up to the expectations of others, plus your own high standards is a lot. So you push through.


You get it all done.


But you can’t do that forever. Not unless you want to burn out. 

Grab your seat

Got Questions? We’ve  Got Answers!

How much does the workshop cost?

You’ll get instant access for a onetime fee of $47 for the workshop. We’ll also add in a bonus live group coaching session where you can ask Laura questions directly at the end of the month.

Can you guarantee that I’ll be a pro at building boundaries after the workshop?

I can’t promise that. However,  I do promise you will walk away from this workshop with a clear framework of how to build a boundary and put it into practice.

How is this different from reading about building boundaries in your book, Values First?

While some of the content does come from my book, Values First, this session is facilitate by me with personal examples that I’m currently working through myself. As a bonus, you’ll get access to me LIVE and get to learn from the experiences of some pretty smart people in the community who are growth minded, like you in a group coaching session at the end of the month.

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