The last year of the pandemic has put so much into perspective for so many. For me, it’s been a time of reflection. I’m a leader that is guided by my values of family, growth, development, achievement, advocacy and balance. My values help serve as a foundation and a guidepost through leadership and in making personal and professional decisions. They’ve been my guide to set boundaries as a working parent of two young kids with my husband in a pandemic while doing virtual learning, all the way through making big career choices.

Over my career, I’ve been a consultant, a human resource executive in a Fortune 50 company, and in the c-suite for a global association. When I think about my best days at work, the days that have meant the most, those are the days that I’m coaching. Whether it is coaching a direct report, coaching a high potential leader in a leadership development program, or coaching a mentee.

I love building capability one relationship at a time. Seeing a leader get an insight for themselves, and making progress on it. I love getting better as a coach, about building my own capability, and figuring out exactly which question to ask that will lead a client on a path of self-discovery. I’m ecstatic when I get to see a leader work through a problem, or have the confidence to take action on a job that they wanted or ask for a raise that they deserve.

Now, guided by my values of growth, development and advocacy, I’ve transitioned to build a coaching practice, The Catch Group, focused on accelerating careers of women. The Catch Group was founded on the principle of living a life guided by your values. We believe that leaders should bring their authentic leadership to the workplace to build inclusive teams, and that leaders should be able to have big career goals AND career fulfillment. We believe that more top jobs should be held by diverse people.

The Catch Group focuses on individual and group coaching solutions to advance diverse talent within organizations. Our Values FirstTM coaching framework focuses on gaining clarity on your values, creating boundaries to live the life you want, and build the career you want filled with purpose and meaning.

I can’t wait to see what this year brings, and can’t wait to build a community with you.

Laura Eigel, Founder, The Catch Group

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